Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removalUndergoing laser hair removal is the only way to permanently reduce or eliminate hair growth. We’re all unique, so it only makes sense that laser hair removal results may vary depending on the area from person to person. Here are five quick steps to take PRIOR to treatment to ensure the very best results for you:

1. Avoid removing hair beneath the root (tweezing, waxing, etc) and stick with methods that remove hair above the skin six weeks before treatment.
2. Get a consultation! This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s worthwhile to get a test pulse to see how the laser feels. See if you can handle the laser before you can commit to anything.
3. Give yourself a close shave. This minimizes the pain of the laser.
4. Mentally prepare yourself! The laser will feel like tweezing a few hairs at once, so expect a some pain. If you’re ready for it, you can endure it!
5. Be aware of what happens next; laser hair removal is not a magic trick, it will take some time for your hair to go away completely. Be gentle and don’t forcefully remove extra hairs that give resistance.

Preparatory steps prior to laser hair removal are necessary for patients’ safety, and to facilitate hassle-free procedures and top-notch results. By following these steps recommended by Loudoun Laser and Medical Spa of Ashburn, patients will certainly be well prepared to begin the journey of ridding your skin of unwanted body and facial hair.

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