5 Uses for Botox You Didn’t Know About

botox Since its inception into popular culture over the last decade, Botox has become known for terminating wrinkles. According to recent medical journals, doctors have been using Botox in muscles and glands throughout the entire body – not just the face. The F.D.A. has already approved Botox to treat muscle disorders, neck muscle disorders, excessive sweating, and of course, wrinkles. Considering no other therapeutic agent has so many uses, The New York Times called Botox “medicine’s answer to duct tape.”

Botox is used as a remedy in ways you never thought of:
1. If you experience horrible migraines, no worries- Botox will act as treatment! The injection works by preventing pain signals from reaching nerve endings and stopping the oncoming migraine in its tracks.

2. Injecting Botox into the larynx can mend speech impediments caused by vocal cord nuisance.

3. This one doesn’t really come as a surprise to many, but dermatologists use Botox in their treatments for oily skin and skin redness.

4. Severe underarm sweating? Botox will take over the job if deodorant isn’t getting the job done. From the hands to the feet, Botox injections have proven to alleviate all unusual types of excessive sweating.

5. Gentlemen, listen up! If you’re experiencing hair loss and its making you feel self-conscious, there is a cure. Dr. Simon Ourian of California stumbled upon a method to ‘cure’ baldness using Botox. Through a combination of injections and hair-growth vitamins, Botox can help re-grow hair. According to Dr. Ourian, the findings are ‘anecdotal and proper clinical trials still need to be done’, but he’s had success and positive results thus far!

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