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Botox is a well-establish injectable which now has a much wider appeal.  As the modern aesthetics sector has grown, it’s become more accessible, financially and the stigma once associated with obtaining cosmetic treatments has reduced commensurately.

Botox is now a widely-respected treatment and is used for both aesthetic (wrinkles, jawline slimming) and therapeutic (migraines, excessive sweating) purposes.

But it still matters who does your Botox Treatments.  Here at Loudoun Laser and Medical Spa , we are a physician-directed Medspa. This means we’re bound to medical ethics in all our therapeutic responses, whether they’re pursued for cosmetic or medical purposes.You want great results, so you need to find top injectors.  Here are some of the key criteria you need to look for when seeking out the right facility.


While it’s true that all doctors are qualified to inject Botox, not all doctors have an expert understanding of the face.  This is what Botox addresses, by relaxing facial muscles to reduce the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Choose an Established Facility.

Seek out a licensed facility with a well-established reputation.  Read online reviews.  Ask for recommendations.  By doing your homework, you’re insuring yourself against the possibility of having a poor or unsuccessful treatment.
Also, look for a facility which offers other aesthetic treatments and focuses on them.  Any clinic or med spa which doesn’t offer the procedure on a regular basis is not above board.

Look Before You Leap

Once you’ve narrowed your search down, schedule a consultation.   Reputable facilities offering Botox will be more than happy to offer a free consultation as part of their service. An ethical medusa will not push you toward having Botox injections.  They’ll honestly discuss the benefits and your goals.  They won’t inflate your expectations and they won’t sell. A top Box injector doesn’t need your business.  A top Botox injector is a professional with your wellbeing in front of mind.

Don’t Let Bargains Deceive You

Have you gone to a place for cheap Botox and wonder why it didn’t last  long? As most of us know, most bargains are not that at all and that’s especially true of cosmetic therapies.  Beware of extremely cheap prices.  While the price point may be attractive, a low price usually indicates that a fake product is being used or the injectable has been over-diluted. Know the average price and look for facilities offering treatments in that ballpark.

Loudoun Laser & Medical Center

At Loudoun Laser and Medical Spa, our suite of aesthetic services is all  about you.  Come in to talk to us about Botox and what your goals are for the treatment.  We will provide an honest and transparent answer.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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