Take Care of your Skin this Winter!

We have all noticed our skin growing drastically drier as winter approaches. As it turns out, this isn’t just about the cold weather, there are many factors that contribute to dry skin in the winter. Spending time indoors where artificial heat is being created is a major cause of dry skin as well as frequent hand washing due to germ prevention.

Now, we aren’t going to turn off the heat or stop washing our hands. Here are some measures we can take to counteract the nasty effects winter has on our skin.

  • Don’t skip the SPF Dry Skin– Many of us forget that though it may not seem like the sun is shining, that is no excuse not to protect our skin.
  • Limit time in hot showers – I know, this one is tough. However, being exposed to hot water for long periods of time strips your skin of its essential moisturizing oils.
  • Drink water – You may not be as thirsty as in the summer, but hydration is just as important in the winter months.
  • Wear clothes that breathe – Everyone loves a good wool sweater, but heavy fabrics can dry out your skin by not allowing it to breathe and irritate it with its scratchy texture.

Studies show that skin loses nearly 25% of its ability to retain moisture in the winter, so we need to do all that we can to keep our skin happy, healthy, and looking beautiful!



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